About Us

“Swaranjali – Sangeetmay Najrana“ the musical group, Established by Mr. Raghunath Phanse & Mr. M.D. Choudhary On 15th September 2012, with their other team mates & set up their orchestra. Since then they are performing as Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana, the Musical Group on professional stage.

Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana is the group of experienced singers and musicians, who sing all kind of Hindi & Marathi filmy as well as devotional songs on Karaoke and mouth organ.

Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana is conducting the programs like Inauguration Functions, Cultural Activities, Birthday Celebration Event, Marriage Event, Festival Events (like Shri Ganesh Chaturthi & Diwali Pahat), Munj Events (Thread Ceremony) etc.

Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana is also having a rich experience of conducting the musical events with Marathi film stars and with many of the musical legends.

From last 6 years Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana is performing many activities in musical field in Maharashtra and other areas of India.

Swaranjali Sangeetmay Najrana has performed more than 200 shows in all over India, shows are included with old and new Marathi-Hindi filmy and devotional songs.

Mr. Fanase
Mr. Raghunath Phanse


Well known keyboard player. Associated to field of music for more than 16 years. Arranged Sai music concerts at various places. Producer of CD of Saibaba Bhajans.

Mr. Choudhary
Mr. M. D. Choudhary

Producer and Mouth Organ Player

Noted mouth organ player. One of the few mouth organ player in India. Has been interviewed on television and All India Radio. Performed in various cities all over India like Delhi, Haridwar, Indore, Kolkata. Performed in Pune’s Yerawada jail for prisoners. Performed for Golden Book of World Records at Indore,

Sou. Rasane
Smt. Aruna Devgaonkar


Singing for last 26 years. Sung with various artist. Learnt from many Gurus like Manjushri Diwan, Uday Kulkarni, Heramb Chinchanikar. International artist Santosh Ghante has also guided her. Sung for CD of Saibaba Bhajans.

Mrs. Chitra Rasane


She has an excellent sweet voice. Singing since her school days. Learnt semi classical from Guru shri. Nandin Sarin for 2 years. Sings songs of Lata, Asha, Usha, Hemlata, ,Shreya Ghoshal and others. Loves to sing duets. Sings old as well as new songs with all its beauty. Performed in many stage programs.

Mr. Sanjay Falle

Voice of Kishorda

He is best experienced singer. He performed with Usha Mangeshkar.

Mr. Prakash Herekar


Passion for singing on karaoke. Visharad completed in Sugam Sangeet from Mumbai. Runner up winner of Karaoke Singing Computation held by Kashish Creation, Pune. Performed at Tata Motors Kalasagar and various stage programmes.

Mr. Nitin Rasane


Loves reading, especially, music melody stories. Along with musical concerts, anchored many different functions like Felicitations, Retirements, Get Togethers, etc. As songs are passion to him, can corelate songs with stories, well. Along with Marathi, good command over Hindi and English.

Mr. Kanti Chasiya

Sound Technician

Better technical knowledge in music sound recording.